Waiting the right time comes to continue the story

Always hate when i need muuuuch sleeeeep, but ends with awakened in the middle of the night. So I start to watch some dramas and found this:

First Love.

The reason why we think first love is beautiful is not because people we first loved were actually handsome or pretty. It’s because we were unconditional, innocent, or a bit stupid at the time of first love. And because we know that we can never go back to that young and passionate time of our days.

First love is a bit rash.

Without any calculation, we threw ourselves with passion and finally come to face the failure. But it is dramatic at the same time. It comes with unexplainable feelings that we never get to experience again. So first love become the most dramatic moment of our lives. It’s okay to failed. Tragic stories stays longer than “happily ever after”. It’s nice to have that wonderful story as one chapter of someone’s life.

First love is a period of time. It never comes back.

If the next love comes, time has to yield for that new love. It might not be as innocent as the first love, but it would be a little more mature, due to the pain suffered with the first love.

A person who dreams of love, is the one who waits. And a person who waits, can recognize the love when it comes near them.

After the romance, the real life comes in. Innocence gets dirty, passion gets romance cold, and youth gets old with cleverness. So, first love becomes part of someone’s exhausted daily life. That’s why first love looks like it can’t be accomplished. Because no one talks about a successful with first love.

-Reply 1997-

First love? What’s that? I dont know either :p

Current best friend. #damnilovethesis #anythingforyouthesis (at Dharmahusada Indah Barat)

Current best friend. #damnilovethesis #anythingforyouthesis (at Dharmahusada Indah Barat)

Feelin’ like those butterflies start coming back.

Akhirnyaaaaa, punya photobox berempat setelah sekian lama, hihihihii
Wuffyuuuhhh gaes *smooch*

Akhirnyaaaaa, punya photobox berempat setelah sekian lama, hihihihii
Wuffyuuuhhh gaes *smooch*

Letters to You

Chekin’ messages on twitter then I found our chat long time ago.
Reading those old messages. Memories flashback. Our happiness, our precious time when we were in love.
And, yeah, biarpun cuma sedikit, akhirnya jadi …….. I miss you deh, hehehee :p

It’s almost a year, actually few days again since you’re gone.
You know? I haven’t met him yet, the one who will be replace yours.
Oh, no,no, no. I’m not saying you’re irreplacable.
But, those guys are just too much.
They don’t fit me in.
I won’t “coba-coba” again in this thingy like us before.
Cause I won’t feel that pain ass twice. Hahahaa
It’s really slapped me you know, right in my face, when I wanna walk further with you, together, in the same path, but you prefer the other path :’)
Nyesek banget lah waktu pato hari minggu itu.
Sini lagi susah2 ngapalin pato, eh situ lagi enak enakan ehem.
Ah ya, but you’ve been slapped too in the night wahahaha :))
So sorry yah, bener2 mancing emosi bgt sih soalnya kamu paginya.
Tapi uda maafin kamu kok, cuma tetep aja, forgive but not forgotten.

Oh ya, I ever said, that I hope we could back to our path before, in the future.
But now, I don’t wanna it anymore.
I’m happy with mine, as much as you with yours.
We’ve got our own path.

The last, I know you will never read this writing.
But, if it happened, hmmm apa ya, semoga saat itu kita udah bukan stranger lagi deh :))
Maaf juga ya buat semua salahnya aku.
Success for both of us!

Hmm, God doesn’t let me being a bad person, I guess.
I always-got-warning everytime my evil-ish side comes.
Despite that, honestly when it comes ……. im ecstatic. Literally.
Hahahahahaa =))

But then again, God immediately reprimand me.
Forgive me, Ya Allah.



Adera - Melewatkanmu

Ciyeeh dalam arti “blm move on” yah?

Enggak yeee, kan cuma seneng doang sama lagunya x)

Adera - Melewatkanmu